7 'Totems' of Vancouver Snow Days


Unless it’s on the mountains, snow always feels like a new experience when it blankets our city! Here are some ‘totems’ you can count on seeing with every snow day in our lovely city!

1. Obligatory snow pic for the ‘gram

You can’t miss the snow – both in the city and on social media!  #Snowmageddon2020 is trending on Twitter with Vancouverites posting their favourite pictures of the weather. Yes, ‘Snowmageddon’, might be a bit hyperbolic, but can you really blame us for wanting to capture the beauty of our snow covered city?


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2. Road Woes

It’s never pleasant on the roads when it snows! Whether its transit running late or at max capacity, cars not making it up the hills, commuting is always a challenge when we get hit with a snowfall! Before you make your trek out, be prepared. Here are some ICBC approved driving tips to keep you safe this winter.

Note: To the guy holding up highway traffic by trying to drive up the cut without snow tires… Definitely not smart!


3. Getting ‘trolled’ by other cities

Other Canadian cities love to pick on Vancouver for our unpreparedness. So maybe it isn’t -40 but THIS is cold for us and we’d appreciate a little less judgement! When out of town friends try to give you a hard time about Vancouver being ‘soft’ when it comes to snow; here is an approved talking point: “Vancouver gets a ‘wet snow’ that is more slippery and therefore harder to deal with!”

4. ‘Make your own Mountain’

This city loves its winter sports! So it’s no surprise that when there’s a heavy snowfall, those avid skiers and snowboarders among us grab their gear and ‘hit the streets’. Check out these brave skiers in East Vancouver on Sunday:

5. Snow biking!?

In our bike-friendly city, you’re bound to see at least a few avid cyclists on the road, even in the harshest conditions! It’s hard to comprehend how one looks outside in this weather and STILL hops on a bicycle to get to work in the morning. Good on you brave riders, you inspire us!

6. Umbrellas in the Snow

Umbrellas are a necessity for any Vancouverite, but we’re so used to using them in the rain, that some of us break them out for the snow too! Sure, in theory it might not seem so strange, but there’s something unique to Vancouver about braving a winter storm with a device explicitly made for rain.

7. Random Acts of Kindness

The snow creates challenges for everyone, but the compassion in this city is nothing short of inspiring! Every year there are countless stories of kindness that have warmed our hearts in this cold weather. From generous taxi drivers offering free rides to stranded commuters to good Samaritans shovelling their neighbour’s sidewalks, there’s no shortage of amazing people in our city!