7 ‘World Health Day’ Tips to Support Frontline Workers!


The past year has been, for lack of a better word, difficult. We have all felt the impact of what has become the new normal. However, it’s been especially taxing for essential workers who have had to put themselves in danger throughout the pandemic. In recognition of ‘World Health Day’, here are 7 simple ways to support essential workers:

1. Wash Your Hands

Regularly washing and sanitizing your hands should be commonplace anyway, but it’s even more important now.


2. Wear a Mask

It may seem like a small step, but studies have shown that masks make a big difference in slowing the spread of the virus. This woman’s DIY spacesuit is also an… option?


3. Keep Your Distance

Whether at the grocery store, or on the sidewalk, no one will blame you for taking a little more space for yourself at a time like this. If you see someone you know, you can always opt for a good old-fashioned air hug!


4. Limit Gatherings

We all have an excuse not to go out these days. But, if you do decide to gather in a small group, make sure it’s outside and from a distance.


5. Be Cautious with any Symptoms

Better to be safe than sorry! Any cold or flu like symptoms should be enough to cancel plans and stay home.


6. Stay Home

There are so many things to do at home, like reading a book, watching Netflix, and (most importantly) staying safe!


7. Be Kind!

We’re all under a lot more stress these days, it doesn’t take much to be a little more kind to those we interact with.


Essential workers have been working hard to keep us all safe. The best way to thank them is by staying safe and following the guidelines we all know already. Happy World Health Day!