A Chopstick Table!? Local Company Turns Used Chopsticks Into Household Items!


There are many ways to use chopsticks besides their actual purpose, like sword fights over the last California roll, or impromptu walrus costumes. But, have you ever been scraping the splinters off your wooden chopsticks and thought: “Hmm... this would make a good table!” 

This is the idea behind Chop Value, a local company founded by Felix Böck. The sustainable company upcycles used chopsticks, turning them into furniture and other stylish household items.


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Given our city’s love for sushi, and the environment, we are the perfect headquarters for this innovative company. Chop Value collects used chopsticks from restaurants around Vancouver and turns them into these aesthetically designed pieces. Don’t worry, they clean them first!      


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Chop Value claims to have recycled over 32 million chopsticks for use in their products. The company has saved over 45,000 kg of carbon space as these one-time use chopsticks often end up in landfills. The company is growing as they now have locations in Calgary and Montreal.


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So next time someone asks you where you got your coffee table from, you can confuse them and say “A sushi restaurant!”

Business Insider recently did a story on Chop Value, check it out: