Best moments from Vancouver's daily 7pm Cheer


We live in a special city. Vancouver has got together and decided… well, not to get together! For the sake of ‘flattening the curve’, we have stepped up our self-isolation game. In recognition of those workers putting themselves in danger for the greater good, our community has been cheering for them every night at 7pm. To those helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 from the frontlines, THANK YOU!  

Let’s get Loud!

Every day, the cheer gets progressively louder as more Vancouverites join the salute. With the Canucks missing the playoffs for so many years, it’s been a while since we were all cheering for the same thing. Here is the evidence that we still got it!

Essential Workers share some 'Light'

Police, firefighters, and paramedics are part of the essential workers without the option of working from home during this time. Every night, they have held a 'parade' of sirens at many local hospitals in support of those working inside!  Thank you to ALL essential workers for keeping us safe! 


‘Jamming out’ on the Balcony

People are finding creative ways to entertain their neighbours while showing their support to frontline workers. Check out these talented musicians (and musicians in the making)


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I think I speak for all Vancouverites when I say, “We need more COWBELL!!”

A local DJ, NekytheKid, has been sending out good vibes by mixing live sets off of his Yaletown balcony! This is the only time you’ll want your neighbour to turn the volume UP!


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DJ NekytheKid

9 O’clock Gun 

Stanley Park’s iconic 9 O’clock gun, will now be heard at 7pm as the City of Vancouver joins in on the daily tribute!


Frontline Workers are Hearing you! 

Although these local heroes are dealing with a lot right now, they took the time to show their appreciation for the nightly salute.

Want to make your applause even louder?? Wash your hands! It's scientifically proven... Ok, maybe not, but wash them anyway! 

For more on the 7pm cheer, check out CTV News.