Here Are The Weirdest Things Canadians Have Left In An Uber

We’ve all been there: Getting out of your Uber and experiencing the mini heart attack of leaving something in the vehicle you just got out of.

According the Uber’s annual Lost and Found Index, Vancouver is the 5th most forgetful city in Canada.

Some of the most common item’s we leave behind?

  1. Phone / camera
  2. Wallet / purse
  3. Backpack / bag / box / luggage
  4. Keys
  5. Headphones / speaker

But even more interesting is the list of UNCOMMON items left behind…

  1. 8 fishing rods from Canadian Tire
  2. Paint thinner
  3. Tent
  4. Balloon pump
  5. Massager
  6. Fake bloody machete
  7. Microwave2
  8. Vinyl record
  9. Fish
  10. Black and purple juggling balls
  11. Rolex
  12. Black corset
  13. A framed diploma
  14. OVO chain
  15. Retainer with a tooth attached to it
  16. Mallet for a gong (large fuzzy end on a black stick)
  17. Eyelash adhesive
  18. Bunny tail
  19. Sparkling wand
  20. Poutine