It’s National Compliment Your Mirror Day, Don’t Forget to Celebrate!


Just in case you don’t already celebrate yourself on a daily basis, today is ‘National Compliment Your Mirror Day’, so you have no excuse not to! If you’re not sure how to celebrate, here are some suggestions of ways to compliment your mirror today (and everyday).

1. Seek Out Mirrors!

Try to catch some extra glimpses of yourself today! Whether it’s walking by your mirrors at home, or seeing your reflection in a friend's sunglasses, be ready to give yourself a compliment!


2. Wear Your Favourite Colour

Maybe the rainy weather has meant you have to keep your favourite ‘happy’ colours in the closet. Well today is that special occasion you’ve been waiting for! Rock your favourite threads today, even if you’re just staying in the house.



3. Be Your Own Dance Partner

Who’s that gorgeous creature staring back at you?? Break out those patented dance moves and celebrate yourself!


4. Treat Yourself!

It’s been a long year (already), and there’s no time like the present to treat yourself. Whether it’s a Spa Day or indulging in your favourite dessert, you deserve it!



5. Say Something Nice

There’s enough negativity around, be positive today. You’re a ‘neat’ person too!



Go ahead, find a mirror and give yourself the compliment you’ve been waiting for! The only exception to ‘Compliment Your Mirror Day’, is if you’re driving a car, maybe wait till after that lane change or perfect park job to give yourself that compliment!