Martin Scorsese’s latest “The Irishman” Available Today!


Legendary film Producer and Director Martin Scorsese’s latest project “The Irishman” is now streaming on Netflix! The movie will also have limited screenings at the VanCity and Rio theatres.

Now that the city’s bus strike has been averted, you’ll be worrying less about your commute, and more about what to watch while on the couch this holiday season! Netflix’s latest blockbuster, “The Irishman”, has generated tons of Oscar buzz despite its unorthodox release.

Robert De Niro leads a star-studded cast, playing Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran, a mafia hitman in the 1970s. The movie is based on the biography of Sheeran, I Heard You Paint Houses, by Charles Brandt. The plot follows the crime story and disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, a former union president with deep mafia connections. It is based on the infamous true story of Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, a case that still remains unsolved.  

The role of Jimmy Hoffa is played by Al Pacino, who stars in his FIRST Martin Scorsese film. Yes, you read that correctly!

Known ‘funny guy’, Joe Pesci, appears in his fourth Scorsese film alongside actors De Niro and Harvey Keital. This is Pesci’s first major role in a movie in 9 years. The Oscar winning Best Supporting Actor from Goodfellas, was reportedly coaxed out of retirement for “The Irishman.”

For those wishing to watch the movie in a traditional cinema setting, it seems your options are limited. However, there are select screenings at VanCity Theatre and The Rio Theatre.

Regardless of where you plan on watching “The Irishman”, just make sure you have plenty of popcorn. The runtime is 3 hours and 30 minutes!

Film Critic, Richard Crouse, has rated the movie 4 3/4 out of 5 stars. Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie a 96% score.