New Canucks Goalie Braden Holtby 'Shell Shocked' at Canada/US Border


Goaltender Braden Holtby's journey to his new home in Vancouver is moving at a snail's pace, Or in this case, a turtle's. Although the Holtby family thought they had all their i’s dotted, they’re having some issues getting their t’s crossed... Literally. They can’t get their two pet tortoises across the border!

Braden’s wife, Brandi Holtby reached out to twitter for help with the ordeal:

 Apparently, they had the required import permit needed to get ‘Honey’ and ‘Maple’ into Canada, but did not know they needed forms to legally ‘export’ the tortoises from the US. If the “Border Patrol” cameras were rolling, this would make for the best episode yet!

Braden and his Tortoises (coincidentally a great name for a children’s book) are now stuck at the border as they wait for permission to leave the US.

Rumour has it; the tortoises made a break for it, taking off at full-speed trying to cross into Canada. However, an officer caught them after leisurely strolling over in pursuit...

UPDATE: The tortoises have made entry into Canada! (Along with Stanley Cup winning goaltender, Braden Holtby).

Welcome to Vancouver to the (entire) Holtby family!!