Professional ‘Meme Artist’ Raises Millions for Afghanistan Rescue Mission


Tommy Marcus aka. Quentin Quarantino has built up almost a million followers on Instagram for his provocative and political memes. Although “meme artist” might not be the conventional profession for a humanitarian, the New York Instagrammer is flipping the script!

Operation Flyaway was launched through Quentin Quarantino’s Instagram platform 2 weeks ago. Within 5 hours, they had already raised over $2 million! The GoFundMe initiative just closed with over $7.2 million raised for the cause!

According to Marcus, he has teamed up with organizations to evacuate those most at-risk under the Taliban regime. The aim is to commission two planes with over 300 translators, women’s rights activists, at-risk targets, and their families out of Afghanistan.

As we see horrific events unfold in Afghanistan, it’s amazing to see someone step up and have a direct impact using the internet! Kudos to Tommy Marcus and all of those who have contributed to the Operation Flyaway campaign.