Staycations: A Weekend in Whistler and a Hometown Terrace Adventure!


Since vacations are limited to local destinations this year, our hosts are sharing their vacation experiences to give you some ideas on local destinations to visit this summer! Check out Amy Spencer's trip to Whistler and Terrace!

I went on vacation for two weeks and spent my first ever weekend in Whistler! We stayed at the Embarc Whistler and it was beautiful! If you ever get the chance to go, 10/10 would recommend eating at the Mongolie Grill in the village. 

After our weekend getaway, we continued our travels up north to my hometown, Terrace BC. I might be biased, but man do I love Terrace in the summer. There are so many waterfalls and lakes to check out! This is Redsand lake, which is stunning!

Below is our amazing hike of Gunsite Mountain, which might seem easy in the 15 second clip but trust me, after the 16 km hike we were DEAD. We also spent a couple days camping at Lakelse Lake, a provincial campground.


Well worth the straight up hike with @amyonair945! Gunsight Lake Recreation Trail.. Check out the highlights. ##explorebc ##hike ##terracebc

♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

A visit to Terrace just wouldn’t be complete without a stop (or 5) at the local brewery, Sherwood Mountain. Cheers!


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