Staycations: ‘Hopping’ through the Gulf Islands!


Since vacations are limited to local destinations this year, our hosts are sharing their vacation experiences to give you some ideas on local destinations to visit this summer! Check out Angelina’s trip to the Gulf Islands!

You don’t have to escape to the Caribbean or Greece to do some serious island hopping. The Gulf Islands are right here in beautiful British Columbia! 

I’ve lived in BC all my life, but this was my first time visiting Saturna Island, the most southeasterly of the Gulf Islands. After an amazing trip, it won’t be the last time I visit this hidden gem!

A trip to Saturna Island promises stunning views in every direction. With a population of only 350 people (the lowest of all the islands), the only photobombs in your pictures will be wild goats or deer!

The natural beauty is the island’s main attraction. From sculptured sandstone banks to sunny viewpoints, you won’t be disappointed.

Saturna Island is quite mountainous, offering up great hiking options. The payoff of these views are all you need to keep you moving… 

Wildlife is abundant so bring binoculars to spot eagles, wild goats, seal pups and whales.  East Point on the island is considered the best spot for land based whale watching and the gorgeous sunsets don’t hurt either!

Who knew you could stumble on a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ right here on the West coast! 

While travelling through our beautiful province we encourage you to be safe and be kind.  Follow the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry and other leading health officials when visiting other areas.  Wash your hands often, socially distance, and wear a mask if you are in an area where socially distancing may not be possible.  We want everyone to have a fun, but most importantly, safe summer.