The Top 5 Best DJ Flipout Mashups


Shoutout to our fav DJ Flipout who has been on 94.5 for over 20 years! You probably know him from various gigs around the city (he just opened for Dua Lipa last month!) and of course every weekday you can catch him spinning live with Amy Spencer in the 5 o'clock Traffic Jam.


Here are our top 5 fav mashups he's put together lately!

5.) "Sweetest Sacrifice"-Dua Lipa/Megan Thee Stallion/The Weeknd


@flipoutdj #weeknd #weekndsacrifice #dualipa #megantheestallion #sweetestpie #mashup #djflipout ♬ original sound - Flipout


4.)"Take Me On As It Was"-Harry Styles/a-ha


@flipoutdj #harrystyles #asitwasharrystyles #takeonme #aha ♬ original sound - Flipout


3.)"Out Of Time Express Yourself"- The Weeknd/N.W.A


@flipoutdj #weeknd#mashup ♬ original sound - Flipout


2.) "Castaways Remix-Backyardigans/Isley Brothers


Castaways Remix by FLIPOUT

♬ original sound - Flipout


Come on, this one was just too meme-able to forget.


@amyonair945 Please convince Flipout to make this a sound. #backyardigansremix #backyardigans #radio #vancouver #biggiesmalls @virginradiovancouver ♬ Castaways - The Backyardigans


1.)"Adore You Sexual Healing"- Harry Styles/ Marvin Gaye


@flipoutdj Happy Birthday #harrystyles ♬ original sound - Flipout



Which one is your fav? You can always call/text in during the 5 o'clock Traffic Jam and let us know! 
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