WATCH: Tom Green Debuts 'Right Now Is The Right Time'


Canadian comedian Tom Green figures now is the right time to try his hand at country music.

The 49-year-old Ottawa native has premiered a self-directed video for “Right Now Is The Right Time,” a song he wrote and co-produced.

Shot on the Arizona-Mexico border during his road trip across America – a journey he is brilliantly chronicling on YouTube – the video shows Green, in a cowboy hat, singing and playing guitar. (His dog Charley makes several appearances.)

“Right now could be our last chance to explore / Don’t look back saying man, ‘I shoulda done more’ / ‘Cuz right now is the right time," he sings. "We don’t know what tomorrow brings / We don’t know much of anything / All I know is we can live and we can sing / And everything will be alright.”

Green is backed on the track by musician Rob Higgins, Tyler Beans and Dave Casey.

“Right Now Is The Right Time” is the latest music project from the famed funnyman, who started out as MC Bones in the rap group Organized Rhyme and had a homegrown hit (and a Juno nomination) with 1992’s “Check the O.R.” Later, he gifted the world with "The Bum Bum Song" from his eponymous comedy series.

In 2019, Green returned to his rap roots with “I Wanna Be Friends With Drake.”

Check out “Right Now Is The Right Time” below:

Disclosure: Tom Green and John R. Kennedy have known each other since the mid-1980s.

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