Barge freed from rocks at Quadra Island after being stranded November 9th


A barge that ran aground on Quadra Island almost a week ago has finally been freed from the rocks off Quadra Island.

"The Nana Provider"  -- carrying rail cars, 3 of them containing products, struck the island as it was being towed north to Alaska by the tugboat "Polar King".

Residents reported their homes shaking, metal scraping and crew members screaming  during the incident.

Strathcona Regional District director Jim Abram  is relieved the damaged barge is finally gone:

"Absolutely.  And the best thing about it is that it's off the rocks prior to the storm that's supposed to hit us by tomorrow which would have pounded the heck out of it.  And it obvioulsy floated well enough to get it across the channel."

 The hull of the barge was compromised during the accident.  It's not known yet if the marine environment was contaminated.

Abram, a former lighthouse keeper, says the conditions in the area are treacherous, and various types of vessels should be restricted from using the route. He calls the accident a wake up call.

TSB spokesperson Spokesman Chris Krepski says investigators have been dispatched to Campbell River where the barge is being towed to, and will be inspecting that vessel as well as the tug that was pulling it. 

He emphasizes it's early days in the investigation which will take some time.  If warranted, the TSB will make recommendations aimed at averting similar incidents in future. 

Krepaski says while the TSB is an independent agency, 81% of recommnedations made in the past have been implemented.