Diesel spill in downtown Victoria caused by rooftop generator


VICTORIA -- No major damage was reported after a diesel spill in the 700-block of Yates Street on Friday.

Firefighters were called to the area shortly before noon, and say that upon their arrival they discovered the source of the spill on the top of a nearby building. While traffic wasn't affected due to the spill, the incident sparked a response from multiple fire trucks and Hazmat crews as well.

Grant Pepper with the Victoria Fire Department says the spill was caused by a leaking rooftop generator.

"Someone had overfilled the tank," said Pepper. "Because of the heat, the tank expanded and started leaking."

As of Friday afternoon fire crews had left the scene to allow remediation crews to begin the clean-up process, though at this time no damage estimates have been calculated.

"H2X is going to suck up all the rocks on the roof to see if it's penetrated the membrane underneath," said Pepper. "We won't know (about damages) until all that's done."

Diesel fuel is highly flammable and poses a serious fire hazard if not contained. It can also percolate through groundwater and contaminate drinking water, and if the spill reaches surface water through a storm sewer, it can also lead to the death of aquatic wildlife.