Kittens fall from high-rise apartments in two separate incidents


They say cats have nine lives, but two local kittens are working on eight now after both falling from high rise balconies.

After falling off a fourth-floor balcony, little "Jersey" was brought to a veterinarian shortly afterwards. The kitten needed emergency surgery for his fractured elbow, and ultimately had his front leg amputated.

"Toast" was surrendered to the Vancouver Branch of the SPCA after falling five storeys from the window of his owner's home. He sustained neck and head injuries and is currently being fostered.

Annie Pritty-Bell branch manager, Victoria BC SPCA says its not known what caused the kittens to fall.

"Sometimes cats will try to jump uo onto a railing not realizing they can probably make the jump, but railings on balconies are often those slippery, metal ones."

Both kittens are recovering in  foster homes, but the SPCA is hoping for donations to cover the cost of the surgeries.

If you can help Jersey and Toast and other animals in need at the BC SPCA, please visit