Nanaimo man arrested in Monday truck rampage


Nanaimo RCMP have now arrested a 38 year old man in connection to a wild driving rampage through the parking lot of the Country Club Centre Monday night.

Joshua Tyler Schaeffer was treated for minor injuries following the incident, and was arrested at his home Tuesday night.

Cnst. Gary O'Brien says it's amazing no one else was injured or killed:

" Within a span of 1 to 2 minutes it's just amazing that nobody was killed. And the speeds that his vehicle reached going forward and backward. It's just mind-boggling to think that only 2 vehicles were struck and the buildings only received the damage it did. But still, it will take some time to repair it, and thousands of dollars to get it back up to snuff."

Schaeffer was held in cells overnight and formally charged Wednesday morning with dangerous driving, and mischief endangering life. O'Brien says further charges could also be laid as drug and alcohol use have not been ruled out yet.

Ironically, Schaeffer was already due in court today to face trial on charges of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and fleeing from police, charges dating back to June 2018.