Stephen Andrew elected to Victoria City Council


Nine candidates were vying for the council seat left vacant by Together Victoria's Laurel Collins, who resigned to become the riding's member of parliament.

But it was outspoken former broadcaster Stephen Andrew who took the lead from the first ballot -- and widened the gap throughout the night.

Andrew garnered 6,937 votes compared to his next closest rival Stefanie Hardman, who was the endorsed "Together Victoria" candidate, who had 3783 votes.

The next closest candidate was Roshan Vickery with 603.

Andrew said the campaign was about one thing, endorsing the status quo or making a change in the way Victoria is led.

He says voters have sent a message:

" I think it's really the voters have wanted change. They haven't liked the direction that Together Victoria and their allies have taken council. They've told me they wanted a change, and you know all the messages we've been getting along the campaign is let's do this, let's make the change, let's send a message. And that's what they've done. Tonight they've sent a message to Together Victoria and their allies. No longer do they want the politics of ideology, they want the politics of inclusion. They want everybody to be listened to, and I think that's exactly what they're going to get -- definitely from me -- over the next 2 years."

Traditionally voter turnout for by-elections is low -- and this was no exception.  Out of 70,343 registered voters, Just 17.52% of registered cast ballots, or 12,327 voters.