Vic PD find skimmer on busy Inner Harbour ATM

ATM skimmer

Victoria police are warning people to be vigilant with their credit and debit cards, after finding an ATM skimmer at a busy downtown corner.

Vic PD were called to the Tourist Information Centre, at 812 Wharf Street near the Inner Harbour, after a bystander discovered a suspicious device attached to an ATM's card input slot. Officers seized the device, which turned out to be an ATM skimmer.

Skimmers, which scan the details of card passed through it, are often used in conjunction with a camera, which records potential victims inputting their PIN's.  Officers searched the area, but could not find any cameras.

At this time it's not known how long the skimmer was attached to the ATM, or how many cards may have been compromised.  People who used the ATM at 812 Wharf street are advised to check with their banks for any suspicious transactions.

Meanwhile, Vic PD say wiggling the card receptor at an ATM can force a skimmer to come loose or off the machine, and if that happens, then people are asked to contact both the police and the owner of the ATM.