Johnny Novak

Virgin-Victoria-Johnny Novak-Square format

Johnny Novak is a radio veteran despite his young age. He’s been in the industry since he was in high school and has worked across the country making stops in Ontario, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. When he’s not behind the mic in the studio, he’s probably behind the mic on stage. Novak’s also a standup comedian who’s performed at comedy clubs and theatres across the country. 

For such a sweet guy, Johnny has a very bitter pallet. Black coffee, IPAs and Negronis are some of his favourite drinks. If he’s not making friends at the pub you can find him outside birding. Novak is also an avid fan of the Ottawa Senators. Not by choice, it’s because he grew up right down the street from their arena before making the move out west.

In addition to being on the radio and on stage you can find Johnny Novak on pretty much every social network putting out content that’s funny and somehow educational. That fine line between funny and smart can be heard on Virgin Radio Victoria every weekday between 2pm and 7pm.