A Message From Your Delivery Driver


Reddit user RobertTheThird84 shared this PSA on the Victoria Subreddit, reminding all of us on the importance of not sharing your private information with your food delivery driver.

PSA: I do Uber Eats delivery as a side hustle here in Victoria. I have now had three different customers who have put their apartments entry code into the delivery notes. Not to be confused with their buzzer code, an entry code is normally given out to contractors or utilities companies to gain access to the building. I can speak to Door Dash, Skip the dishes and Uber...we do not go through full background checks or have checks at all. You are giving out free entry to complete strangers. This is NOT SAFE! All three customers of mine who have given me this code were young women in their early 20s. All three also did not have to unlock their apartment door when they opened it for me. One even had the door ajar and answered the door in a towel.

I am all for not living in fear, but there is some major common sense lacking here. If you want to live in ignorance of this dangerous world we live in, that's your choice. But you don't have the right to put your neighbors at risk because you are too lazy to set up your door buzzer or walk downstairs to get your food. If the safety warning is not enough, maybe a hit to your bank account will work. Many property management companies will charge you a large fee if they find out you have given this code out.

Please be safe out there folks. For my part I'm not going to rat out the names and addresses of these customers. (To protect the privacy they seem to not care about) I will instead reach out to the building management and let them know their entry code have been compromised. I care about getting you your delicious food quickly, but I also care about your safety.

Sincerely, Your Friendly Neighborhood Uber Eats Driver.

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The post shares about how you shouldn't be sharing that entry code with your delivery driver, even if at the moment they're your favourite person for bringing you pho when you don't want to leave your house.

The user claims that these food delivery services don't do proper background checks, but at the time of the publishing of this article, I have not been able to fact check this statement.

It's also noted in the post that the user notices this lack of care with young women, but let's not go victim blaming or making this a gendered issue. We could all use a bit more common sense and possibly a "healthy" level of distrust for strangers.