A Monitor Lizard is loose in Central Saanich

Jack the lizard

Pythons and lizards, oh my!

While the ball python is still slithering free somewhere in Saanich a new reptile has now gone AWOL.

ROAM posted today that Jack the Savannah Monitor lizard has been reported missing by their owner.

 The last time I saw him was on the afternoon of the Aug31st- when I came back, he was gone. I’ve looked everywhere in the house and he is no where to be seen. he is about 2.5ft long, so it’s hard to miss.

Jack was last seen on Monday (Aug 31st) in the 6560 Block Bella Vista Drive, Central Saanich. Jack is apparently hard to miss, except, ya know, for the fact that he apparently IS missing...

If you spot Jack you can contact ROAM:

 Call: 778-977-6260 or 778-977-6265
 Email: petsearch@roambc.org

Hopefully, Jack will be returned to his home safe and sound soon! Who knows, maybe Jack and the missing python have found each other and are now living a happily ever after?