A new community initiative "Vancouver Island Steps up"


We received this amazing message from Pam and needed to share!


My name is Pam Buisa and I am an Olympic Hopeful with the National Women’s 7s Rugby Team. With the postponement of the Olympics and change in our daily training routine, my teammate Caroline Crossley and I, along with several other passionate community members have taken this time to reflect on the severity of this crisis. In this sense, we decided to launch a community-based initiative called the Vancouver Island Steps Up – Community Relief Fund (VISU) which is aimed at supporting low-income residents of Vancouver Island who have been affected disproportionately by the COVID19 crisis. Our goal is to support those who have fallen through the cracks and do not have their needs adequately met by the current standardized governmental aid programs. We want to raise $15 000 and have started only 4 day ago and we are already over $3000!

I am messaging, as the lead media contact, to ask if you would be willing to share some information about this fund, along with our GoFundMe link on the radio, including but not limited to, Facebook and/or your website. It would an extraordinary step forward to spread awareness of this initiative to Vancouver Island’s diverse community to both donors and applicants of this initiative.

We hope to make meaningful change and provide some relief to our community. For more information and details about the initiative, I have listed the GoFundMe Page, our website, and our contact information below.

Go-Fund me page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/vanisle-steps-up-community-relief-fund

Website for more information: https://vanislestepsup.ca/

To find us on Instagram: @vanisle.stepsup

Our email is: vanisle.stepsup@gmail.com

All the best,

Pam Buisa"