Ask Virgin Radio for Advice, it Could get You a Date


It all started with a Facebook message.

Angela sent a DM to the Virgin Radio Victoria Facebook page, asking for some advice about what she should do with a trip for two she won from her work.

I have a question id like some input on from listeners here in Vic!

Basically I dated this guy while I was living in Ontario. We both moved here with different plans a month ago to different cities. I won an all inclusive vacation for two and have no one to bring but have to book it soon. None of my friends or family members happen to be off work when I’m planning to go somewhere (in two weeks) but he’s conveniently not working right now. He’s been very hot and cold and not very good at communication.

Do I go ahead and ask him if he wants to come or just go and have fun by myself??

A lot of great adviced poured in for Angela through Facebook and on air, and then things took an unexpected turn when we got a call from Brad.

He said, probably half jokingly, that Angela should take HIM on the trip with her because he's a funny, interesting guy who would be a great travel companion for her.



Unexpectedly, Angela sends in another message and says, "Who's this Brad guy? My friends say I should meet him, could you give me his number?"

After some back and forth and Angela and Brad, (and to make sure there wasn't any stranger danger) they both agreed that they would like to chat, see if there's any interest and then go from there. 

So the next day, I called them up and we had a little chat.



They had some shared interests, similar lifestyles, seemed like things were going in a good direction! So were they going to exchange numbers?!



Yay Angela and Brad! Numbers have been exchanged, apparently they're planning to hang out soon. They've both promised to keep us all updated on what happens next. We're all rooting for you two!

If you ever need advice, or many even a love connection(?) the Virgin Radio DMs are always open on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter