Greater Victoria is introducing designated flush times

when to go

The municipalities need YOU to do your part to keep our sewer system from being overwhelmed. "When to Go" launches this April and aims to help unburden the sewer system by designating flush times by region to help avoid stress during peak times.

This new initiative is based on an honour system with hopes that environmentally conscious citizens will want to do their part to help conserve water and extend the longevity of this vital infrastructure. 

How does it work? Depending on where you are when the "call to nature" hits you, that will determine when you'll flush!

  • ​Designated areas:

    • Area 1 (on the hour) - Victoria, Esquimalt, Oak Bay

    • Area 2 (quarter past) - Central Saanich, Saanich

    • Area 3 (half past) - Sooke Langford, Metchosin

    • Area 4 (quarter to) - Colwood, View Royal, Highlands, North Saanich, Sidney


With a little planning and knowing "When To Go", we can add decades to the life of our community's sewers and guarantee a healthy system for future generations.

It's the easy way to contribute to a cleaner, more efficient community! Let's all do our part.

(quote from When To Go website)

Virgin Radio Victoria reached out to "When To Go" to answer a few questions:

  • Q: Do you "go" based on where you live or where you are? 

    • ​Answer: Where you currently are, not where you live. But as the majority of us have been spending a lot more time at home the past few years, so you're most likely to need to know when your flush time is based on where you live. 

  • Q: What if I have "an emergency"? 

    • ​Answer: Excemption tokens are available to purchase though the website.

  • Q:​What if I go over my scheduled time? 

    • ​Answer: 24 hour support is available though the website.

This new initiative starts this Friday and your feedback is greatly appreciated.