Lights of Wonder has a new start date!

lights of Wonder

Lights of Wonder might not be starting this Friday, but it will be ready in time to enjoy over the holidays.

Today, the Downtown Victoria Business Association announced that the massive light display will open December 20th and then run until January 4th.


Last Monday, The Downtown Business Association announced that the  massive "Lights of Wonder" Christmas display had hit a bit of a hitch.

The delay was due to unforeseen obstacles with the logistics and equipment. 

" When we started the installation last week -- we have a team of experts that advise us on logistics,and equipment and electrical connections, all of these types of things -- they felt that they needed to do a bit more planning. So they advised us that they wanted to actually just put the brakes on and do some additional planning looking at some of the logistics."

Bray says they've never done anything this big in Centennial Square before -- so there was nothing else to compare it to.

It's a great that they have been able to get a new date together in time for the holidays, now the countdown is on to the 20th!