This Couple has been eating their Wedding Cake for the past 50 Years

wedding cake

Anne and David Cowburn have been married since July 18th, 1970. To celebrate every passing year, they've done it with a piece of cake. But not just any cake, the original one from their wedding day. 

Many couples remember celebrating their first year of marriage by enjoying a slice or two of wedding cake that was frozen on their big day.

The Cowburns have taken it a step further and to save you doing the math, they've been celebrating their anniversary the same way FORTY-NINE times. In the span of those five decades the cake has survived five house moves and precedes David and Anne’s three children and four grandchildren.

Now there isn't much of the cake left to eat and the couple says for their big 50th anniversary, they're planning on sprinkling what's left onto a new one. Wonder whether they’ll freeze that one too...