Victoria is no longer the Most Romantic City in Canada

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Romance is DEAD in Victoria. Well, at least according to Amazon. The E-commerce company released it's annual list ranking the most romantic cities in Canada and for the first time in seven years, BC's capital city didn't top the list. The new number one city is also a bit surprising.


According to a new ranking from Amazon Canada, Fort McMurray, Alberta, tops the nation’s list when it comes to romance.

“Fort McMurray, Alberta – technically the largest unincorporated ‘city’ in the province – has plenty to brag about heading into Valentine’s Day, because it snagged the top spot on Amazon Canada’s list of Most Romantic Cities,” states Amazon Canada. "Fort McMurray climbs to No. 1 from its previous No.3 standing to show that there’s some competition for its western neighbour."

The rankings were compiled by comparing per capita sales of romance novels, romantic comedies, relationship books, jewelry and sexual wellness products in 2019, in cities with more than 20,000 residents.

How can this be? Is romance truly dead in Victoria or are we all just too broke to buy these sort of luxury goods anymore? We have no answers, only questions and saddness apparently.

Check out the full list here:

Top 20 most romantic cities in Canada

1. Fort McMurray, Alberta
2. Toronto, Ontario (new)
3. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (new)
4. Bonnyville, Alberta
5. North York, Ontario
6. Ottawa, Ontario (new)
7. Grande Prairie, Alberta
8. Burlington, Ontario
9. Kelowna, BC
10. Victoria, BC
11. Whitehorse, Yukon
12. Calgary, Alberta (new)
13. Quensel, BC (new)
14. Cranbrook, BC (new)
15. Edmonton, Alberta (new)
16. Pembroke, Ontario (new)
17. Campbell River, BC (new)
18. Prince George, BC (new)
19. Kingston, Ontario (new)
20. Revelstoke, BC (new)