Viral "Pictures with Satan" ad from Comox gets mention from Seth Meyers

pics with satan

Everyone wants to take photos with Satan! Or at least talk about it.

A now-infamous ad that appeared in the Nov. 21 edition of The Comox Valley Record promoting the Comox Valley Christmas Parade, and more specifically, “Pictures with Satan” (Santa typo), has gone viral and is now making the rounds on late-night television.



Yesterday, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers referred to the ad during his opening monologue.

“A newspaper in Canada ran a Christmas ad this week and misspelled Santa’s name as Satan,” he said.

“Weird, that’s so weird. ‘The same thing happened to me at Starbucks’, said Kellyanne Conway,” he joked, as a red Starbucks cup with Satan written on it flashed on the screen, in reference to the White House counselor.

Despite the typo being slightly embarrassing, it has been great for promoting the event. Fox News, the New York Post and radio stations across the country have been talking about the hilarious photo.

See you in the Comox Valley this weekend?