You can rent the Bachelor Mansion for 6K a night!


Most Bachelor/Bachelorette fans know it as “The Mansion” it has a real name, Villa de la Vina. You can now stay in this 10,000 square foot house fopr $6,000 a night and have "access to one of the most famous pools in the world, two jacuzzis, a pool table, hand crafted furniture and eye popping views" Yeah…that pool has seen some things…… There are some rules to follow! "Absolutely no parties, filming, professional photography or gatherings. If this rule is not followed you will be shut down immediately and the police will be called for trespassing," What interesting is a family actually lives in the mansion! They vacate for 42 days twice a year for filming, interesting! Wanna book? Or at least snoop some pics and dream?  Just click HERE.