Business Leaders say North American Trade is Facing 'Critical Moment'

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Canada's business leaders say North American trade is facing a "critical moment" in the ongoing aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is launching a campaign today aimed at fortifying Canada-U.S. trade ties as the two countries ramp up their economic recoveries.

Chamber president Perrin Beatty says the road to recovery must include a meaningful renewal of the Canada-U.S. trade relationship.

The campaign focuses on five key areas, including a plan to reopen the border and exempting Canadian suppliers from U.S. Buy American rules.

The chamber also wants Canada and the U.S. to work together on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy infrastructure and supply chains for critical minerals.

Mark Agnew, the chamber's vice-president, policy and international, says Canada needs to take the initiative to ensure it doesn't get left out of the U-S recovery effort.

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