Hospital CEO Stressing COVID-19 Variants Could Change Things Quickly


The President and CEO of Windsor Regional Hospital is stressing to people across the area that "we can not drop our guard" now that COVID-19 variants are in the community.

David Musyj told AM800's The Morning Drive that variants are becoming the majority of new cases and that they're easy to spread.

Musyj says that Windsor-Essex has done an amazing job during the pandemic but the variants are in the community and it takes a couple of weeks for them to be identified.

"Do not look at our hospital numbers, do not look at our daily numbers and go 'oh, that's not a big deal. 30 today, 40 today, that's okay, we used to be at 400.' I'm telling you by the flick of a switch, it can happen and it can happen fast, especially with the variants and they're here," he says.

Musyj told everyone we really can't let our guard down if we want to be in a good spot coming out of the third wave of the pandemic.

"We have to be vigilant. We can not drop our guard. We can not think everything is fine, the rest of the province is on fire but we are immune to this. We are not. We are literally days away from something bubbling up and getting worse," he says.

Musyj believes what we do today is so critical.

"If we want to as a community, when the rest of the province comes out of this to be on the front-end of it, meaning to move into those nice colourful areas, to open thing up a lot quicker, that work starts today," he adds.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit announced Tuesday morning that 315 variant of concern cases had been confirmed in the region, including five of the United Kingdom variant.

Out of 398 active COVID-19 cases in the community, 114 are variant of concern cases.

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