Indian Road Home One Step Closer to Demolition


In a precedent setting decision, a city committee has decided that a boarded-up heritage home in west Windsor is fit for demolition.

After a lengthy debate on Monday evening, members of the Heritage Standing Committee decided that a property in the 300 block of Indian Road is not worth saving and are recommending to council that it be knocked down to make room for a replicate home.

One of the developers, Cam Crowder says he's looking forward to reviving the area.

"From being a Canadian and being in Windsor, it's not very pretty, that road is the first sight of someone coming across to Canada," he says. "One of our things is that if we can build a property that people are proud of and has a heritage look that helps with the community and get that area back, then we've done our job."

When it comes to the property itself, Crowder says they want to replicate exactly what was there.

"There was a duplex built in 1920 and we want to do the same thing," he says. "We want to knock the building down and build the same building, similar characteristics with the rubbed brick and the cedar shingles so it look like it's built in 1920, that's our goal."

Crowder hopes that going through the process will encourage others to do the same.

"Hopefully other people can see that it can be done," he says. "Once something has been done hopefully other people will hop on board and we're excited to hopefully get some more done after this."

The Heritage Standing Committee's recommendation will now go to Windsor City Council for the final stamp of approval.

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