Party leaders make big push heading into Monday's election


It's Election Day and party leaders have likely been burning the candle at both ends.

Political expert Lydia Miljan says it was a busy weekend while candidates made one last push to sway voters before the polls open for the 2021 Federal Election.

The University of Windsor professor says Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spent the weekend seeking support in Ontario before landing in Montreal Sunday.

"Doing what he can to get back his government. He's trying to get a majority and he's doing a major blitz of in all sorts of ridings across the country, but really concentrating on seat-rich Ontario."

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh spent the weekend out west criticizing the conservative provincial leaders for their COVID-19 response.

He may have wound up in Alberta to close things out, but Miljan says he spent plenty of time in Windsor-Essex trying to regain seats lost in 2019.

"Some pretty big losses this time around, so they're trying to secure those votes this time," she continued. "I think the one riding where they're probably likely to maintain their seat is Brian Masse in Windsor-West."

Miljan says Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole avoided going negative early on, but the Tories ramped up ads attacking Trudeau heading into the weekend.

"To remind people that he's [Trudeau] the one who called an unnecessary election. Their strategy going into the final days is to make people think about this being more of a referendum on Justin Trudeau and his bid for power," she said.

Miljan says the Peoples Party of Canada and its Leader Maxime Bernier are tracking to be a clear spoiler for the Conservatives by splitting the vote -- but they could seal votes from all sides.

"Some people are really frustrated with these vaccine mandates and the whole pandemic," Miljan continued. "Some of those people could be Conservatives, but they might also be disaffected Liberals, so they're a real wildcard."

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