Two tornadoes confirmed by Environment Canada hit Southwestern Ontario


Environment Canada has confirmed two tornadoes touched down during a severe thunderstorm event that took place on Saturday, July 24.

One twister wrecked trees and caused roof damage to some homes in Windsor, close to the Ellis Street and Pierre Avenue area.

An on-site meteorological event assessment team, working officially with Environment Canada, rated the twister as an EF-0. Estimated wind speeds reached 125 km/h.

It is the lowest rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, the meteorological standard for determining the wind strength of twisters. Wind velocities are determined by an inspection of the severity of damage caused by the twister.

The second tornado hit the Leamington area. It is rated as a slightly stronger EF-1, with wind speeds estimated to have reached 145 km/h.

The tornado touched down at County Road 18 between Highway 77 and Albuna Townline. There was damage to trees and greenhouses in the immediate area.

There were no major casualties reported with either event.

The environmental assessment of the events is still ongoing.

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