Windsor Police Says Stay-At-Home Enforcement Will Continue


Windsor police will continue to monitor COVID-19 compliance amid the province's most recent stay-at-home order.

As required, Windsor Police Service says it will undertake enforcement actions, as necessary, under the legislation. 

That being said, officers will not be entering dwellings, stopping vehicles, or stopping anyone who happens to be outside for the sole purpose of checking compliance with the order. 

According to police, enforcement efforts will instead be on individuals and businesses not complying with closure orders or customer limits as well as responding to complaints for large gatherings which violate the current Reopening Ontario Act.

The Government of Ontario introduced a minimum fine for people who organize gatherings at residential premises exceeding the capacity limits, a minimum fine of $10,000 and a term of imprisonment of not more than one year. Those who attend such gatherings could face a $750 fine.

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