Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman NOT Returning For Canada's Drag Race Season 2

Canada's Drag Race

Okay, so two things.

1) Canada's Drag Race Season 2 is CONFIRMED HAPPENING, and Brooke Lynn Hytes and Stacey McKenzie will both be returning as judges for the new season. YAY.

2) Unfortunately, the third musketeer, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, will not be returning for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 


Here is the instagram-zoom-conversation where they announce it, 2:00 in...



"With all good news, there must be some sad news, and unfortunately, our third will not be joining us this season, and we're going to miss him so much," says Brooke Lynn. "Jeffrey is filming his new show! She is busy, and he is booked, and he is getting PAID. Unfortunately, with the scheduling, things just didn't work out for him to come back for this season, but he is going to be SO missed."


They are being very secretive about when Season 2 will be released, but watching Canada's Drag Race on CRAVE literally got me through quarantine, so hopefully it will be out soon!