• INTERVIEW: Annie Guglia

    The Ace Burpee Show chats with Annie Guglia (Vans athlete and 2020 Olympic hopeful) in advance of her appearance at Royal Sports this weekend.

  • The Morning After ... Cash & Rae Had Oktoberfest Drama

    Ein! Zwei! Drei! G'Suffa! Festing season is here! Oktoberfest is WUNDERBAR (except when your man is partying with his ex)

    1. Cash & Rae did a quiz to find out which party they'll be voting for in the upcoming Federal election. It did not go as planned.
    2. A listener needed advice. Her man will be Festing with his ex. How should she deal with the situation?
    3. We played NOT-Toberfest (answer 10 questions wrong in 60 seconds) for tickets to the Gibson's Finest box at the Kitchener Rangers' game! 
  • ABS - Oct 10, 2019

    LTI tells Ace and Chrissy about an argument he's having with his wife over wall decor.

  • ABS - Oct 9, 2019

    Ace prepares for a snow storm a little different than Chrissy and LTI does.

  • The Morning After... Cash And Rae Heard A Juicy Secret About TWIN BROTHERS

    This morning we talked about about cancelled weddings and got another juicy secret from Orvica, lets just say it involved TWIN BROTHERS! 

  • ABS - Oct 8, 2019

    Ace and Chrissy think they may have come up with the latest 'Pumpkin Spice' phenomenon.

  • The Morning After We Found Out A JUICY Secret About One Listener And Her Boss!

    We talked about the most popular costumes from years gone by, one listener revealed a JUICY secret about her boss to win tickets to the Halsey Secret Session, and the new President of KW Oktoberfest stopped by with the new Miss Oktoberfest to talk about the festivities!

  • The Morning After ... Your Mom Bribed Your Fiancee

    Get ready for something sweet, someone salty, and something scary!

    1.  Cash & Rae dig for the juiciest secret in KW for tix to an #iHeartRadioSecretSession with HALSEY!
    2. Lynn (teacher) and Kate (engineering technologist) go #Head2Head to find out who knows more scary things!
    3. Cash & Rae debate who is the bigger jerk; a gf who accepted $10K to leave her fiancee OR the mother who bribed his son's gf in the first place?