Brandon University nursing students used online resource with actual test questions: source

The head of the Brandon University Students’ Union has requested a meeting with the school’s dean of health studies after a recent nursing exam was compromised.

“They told me that the examination was compromised and I’ve had some meetings with them. I’ve had two meetings with the students that are affected,” said president of the students’ union Olusola Akintola, noting students in the class have contacted him with concerns regarding the situation.

According to Brandon University, a recent exam in a nursing class was compromised by a large number of students.

The school has refused so far to say exactly how the exam was compromised, but sources close to the situation tell CTV News the students used an online resource to prepare that contained questions used in the actual exam.

The students’ union says it’s looking for more answers.

"I heard from the students, too. They went online and they got some resources which aided them in their examination. We don’t which is which now," says Akintola.

Students were allowed to rewrite the exam but could only receive a maximum grade of 70 per cent for it. Each student is allowed to appeal the decision.

It isn’t known how many students were involved, but one school official said the class had between 46 and 48 students. The school said the students are subject to penalties for academic dishonesty.

A spokesperson for the school says it may be releasing more details later in the week.