He goes by “Blitz” – and we can’t confirm nor deny if that’s his real name.

Born and raised in Winnipeg he once thought he was going to be an NBA player (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) – thankfully his parents pushed him towards the University of Winnipeg where he earned a degree in Business Marketing. Parts of his basketball dream haven’t gone away as he is still holding hope that he will one day to be sponsored by Diet Pepsi and Dried Mango pieces.

When not in the studio, you can often find Blitz involved in the community and sharing his love of music at dance parties all over our province…. that and glued to a couch watching action-thrillers (we are hoping the Jason Bourne costume he purchased is just for Halloween).

To clear the air, Blitz has no idea what a Blockbuster is, what McDonald’s Pizza ever tasted like, and who let the dogs out – but he does have a slight obsession with Ty Dolla Sign, ASAP Ferg and Juciy J… so there’s that. 

​If you have a slight addiction with social media you’re probably already BFF’s… but follow along: