Pallister says Canada can unite on climate action if partisan politics set aside

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OTTAWA -- Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says the fight against climate change can unite this country even as it currently is fuelling talk of Alberta separation.

Pallister is in Ottawa today to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and climate change is a critical part of the conversation.

Trudeau's relationship with many provincial premiers is tense, particularly over his decision to impose a price on pollution in any province without an equivalent system of its own, including Manitoba.

Pallister opposes Trudeau's plan, but not carbon taxes in general and is still hoping the prime minister will allow provinces to create their own plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

He is however trying to set himself up as the middle man who could broker a truce between Trudeau and the more strident premiers like Alberta's Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan's Scott Moe.

He says Trudeau's partisan nature and insistence on carbon taxes done his way created divisions about climate change action during the recent federal election rather than finding ways to unite the country behind this critical issue.