Competition drives the effort to find a coronavirus vaccine but don't think for a minute "We're all in this together."


Professor Nikolai Petrovsky leads a team of researchers that is bound and determined to develop a vaccine to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.   While that task is immediate and urgent, and his team isn’t the only one looking for the secret sauce to solving the pandemic, the structure of their consortium may well be the greater benefit if in fact they are successful. Petrovsky’s team is an international coalition of public and private sector contributors and none of them is pursuing this vaccine for profit.   That sets them apart from the research efforts being led by the US, UK and German governments. In this first of two parts of the NEXT NORMAL, you get a glimpse of the competitive proprietary approach to vaccine research and how that could affect some of the most vulnerable countries in the world.   Professor Petrovsky joined me from his office in Adelaide Australia at Flinders University.