Aaron Carter Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles


Aaron Carter is speaking up about his mental health issues, revealing that he has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety and manic depression.

The 31-year-old pop singer shared his struggles on episodes of The Doctors airing Thursday and Friday.

“This is my reality,” he said, holding up a bag of six medications he has been prescribed – Xanax, Seroquel, gabapentin, hydroxyzine, trazodone and omeprazole.”

Carter said other than taking hydrocodone following a dental procedure, “I haven’t taken any opioids.”

When Carter appeared on The Doctors in 2017, he admitted to using drugs like Oxycodone “to release stress of pain or angst.”

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Carter came under fire this month for purchasing guns – despite admitting to having mental health issues.

“Listen, I have every right to protect myself,” he tweeted, adding that he has never been convicted of felonies or put on a psychiatric hold. "I’m a safe person.”

Although appearing on The Doctors – where he also asked the hosts to address his mother Jane’s alcohol problem – Carter is now asking for privacy.

“Please please please respect my privacy please leave me alone,” he tweeted on Wednesday. “I’m asking for you to respect my privacy. I moved out of Hollywood 70 miles away so that I could live my life peacefully I don’t need to do this and be a singer and be in the media I don’t want this so please respect my privacy.”

Carter added: “My personal life and my professional life are two different things. please understand that you need to separate what I do in business from what I do personally I don’t want you involved in my life personally thank you.”

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