Adele Reveals Which Song Will Kick Off Her Shows


Adele has named the song she has to perform first at every show.

“Well, I think I'm always going to have to start with ‘Hello,’” the singer told Oprah Winfrey in a conversation that airs Sunday during Adele: One Night Only. “It'd be a bit weird if it were halfway through a set.”

“Hello” was released in 2015 and the video, directed in Quebec by Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan, has been viewed nearly 3 billion times.

Asked what the song represents to her, Adele replied: “When I wrote it, it was a real ode to like, little me, older me, all of these things. It’s just a song about like, ‘I'm still here. Hi, I'm still here, I still exist in every aspect of my life.’”

During Adele One Night Only, the singer performs four songs from her new album 30 (out Nov. 19) as well as some of her hits – including, yes, “Hello.”

Adele taped the performances late last month outside the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles in front of a star-studded audience.

“Being in L.A. as well, where I sort of had to recover from everything that happened in my life the last few years, it was the perfect show," Adele told Winfrey. "It will look really elegant, and then I will tell a load of filthy jokes. It will be sort of whiplash for them.”

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