Aspiring Singer Admits Harry Styles Tattoo Was Fake


Kelsy Karter, the aspiring singer who went viral this week for supposedly getting Harry Styles’ face tattooed on her face, has admitted it’s fake.

The New Zealand native said it was all a publicity stunt for her new song, “Harry.”

In a YouTube video posted late Thursday and titled "How I rocked the entire world for $300," Karter explained that she enlisted celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste to help make the ink look real. 

“He traced Harry’s 2017 Rolling Stone cover, applied it to my face, and then a special FX makeup artist did her thing,” she said.

“BTW we know it looked ridiculous. That was the point.”

Karter takes delight in knowing she fooled a lot of people. “We snapped that photo, shot some b-roll, and prepared for our lives to change forever … That photo was everywhere.”

Even though many people suspected it was a publicity stunt, Karter said it paid off.

“Every major publication and news outlet in the world covered the story,” she wrote. “And more importantly the song.”