Max Parker Covers Queen's 'Thank God It's Christmas'


Canadian singer Max Parker has given new life to the Queen holiday classic “Thank God It’s Christmas.”

“When I decided to cover a Christmas song for 2020, I listened to classic holiday tunes, and versions of songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s, to choose the right feel that I was going for,” the 19-year-old explained, in a release. “The words had to be meaningful, as well as the composition.

“When I heard Queen’s ‘Thank God It’s Christmas,’ it was a slam-dunk confirmation that this was the one I wanted to cover.”

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Penned by Brian May and Roger Taylor, the original song was released 36 years ago this month and has Freddie Mercury expressing relief that the holiday has come after “a long hard year.”

He sings: “The snow will make this Christmas right / My friend, the world will share this special night / Because it's Christmas / Yes it's Christmas / Thank God it's Christmas.”

Parker recognized that the song fits 2020.

“This year continues to be super tough for everyone, and the message in this song really speaks to the sorrow and grief of loss, of searching for meaning, and of offering hope,” he said. "I want to offer a sign of redemption using all my heart, soul, and guts of my voice and guitar, and this song helps me to express what I believe many people are feeling.”

Parker, who hails from Toronto, released “Out of Love” last month.

Listen to his cover of “Thank God It’s Christmas” below:

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