SZA Posts Album Covers For 'Lana', Reflects On Year Of 'SOS'

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SZA has commemorated the one-year anniversary of her chart-topping, heavily Grammy-nominated second album, SOS.

Marking the album's one-year anniversary, the R&B star went on Instagram to post some reflective thoughts about what it has meant to her.

"a day late but Happy 1 year anniversary to an album that is ACTIVELY CHANGING MY LIFE .. like rn currently changing my life," she wrote. "I haven’t processed this year AT ALL cause it’s still happening .. this is beyond my wildest dreams . I never imagined we’d accomplish a fraction of the accolades that came from this .. it often doesn’t feel real and it’s funny cause I swore I’d know what to do if it ever happened 😂 turns out I I froze .. I know the perils of drinking the koolaid so I won’t dabble.. but I have to express the immense GRATITUDE I have for every person that made this possible . Every person that’s been apart of this journey. Thank you to GOD and to my incredible TEAM and My FAMILY . My ancestors . Thank you to every person that streamed this album ,came to a show , blasted it in traffic and connected w ANY part of me . To everyone that continues to believe in me and be patient w me as I figure it all out . your my driving force . I love you 🫶🏾💗 #campforever #SOSFOREVER"

SZA immediately followed up that post with a series of images revealing the six different album covers for Lana, the forthcoming deluxe edition of SOS, three of which feature her interacting with some farm animals.

No release date was revealed, however, she did divulge what to expect during her recent cover story interview with Variety.

“It was gonna be [SOS] outtakes and some new songs, but it’s become more than I expected,” she explained. “It was gonna be really soft, because I had made all my screaming points, and I just wanted to glide and not think [too much] and get out of my own head — I was so happy to say some shit that didn’t mean a f**king thing. It’s definitely turning into its own album… and I guess I could drop a new album randomly, because no one’s actually expecting that from me right now."

Maybe Toronto fans can take some solace in hearing new SZA tracks, after she abruptly postponed her show at Scotiabank Arena, only to full on cancel it without explanation late last week.



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