WATCH: Ned Flanders inspired band finally gets recognition from THE SIMPSONS!

Metal group Okilly Dokilly performs "White Wine Spritzer" at the end of a Simpsons episode! Finally a time to shine for this Simpsons inspired metal group. 

“Myself and everyone involved with Okilly Dokilly are so very honored,” said Okilly Dokilly frontman Head Ned in a press release. “The fact that the ‘White Wine Spritzer’ video appeared on an episode of The Simpsons is still unreal to us. We are very excited and beyond humbled to have been a part of the show’s legacy.”

Al Jean, the long-running animated show’s Executive Producer, added, “We saw the video and knew they had to be on the show. We do not endorse their message of indiscriminate drinking of white wine spritzers.” More on the story HERE 

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