Grimes Confirms Baby's Name Has Been Revised


Canadian singer Grimes has confirmed she and boyfriend Elon Musk revised their newborn son’s name to comply with California law.

When the boy was born May 4, Musk tweeted that the couple was naming it X Æ A-12 (pronounced Ex Ash A Twelve).

California law, though, requires birth certificates to have a name using the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

In the comments of an Instagram post, Grimes said “12” has been replaced with the Roman numerals “Xii.” She added: “Looks better tbh.”

Grimes added that “one dash is allowed” in the name.

Exactly two years ago, who was born Claire Boucher in B.C., announced that she was changing her legal name to a lower-case italicized “c” – which also represents the speed of light.

“This will be much better,” she tweeted. “claire has been the bane of my existence since i became sentient... i can barely say it w my speech impediment altho c is technically worse 4 lisp haha.”

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