Since Covid Hit Drive Thru Haunted Houses Are Gaining Popularity! Should We Bring One To YYC?


EEEE!! These looks so scary!! Do you know a horror fan in your life? (honestly I don;t get it!) I'm a 31 year old frown baby when it comes to horror movies.The worst part? is every once in awhile I think I'm tough so I toss on a movie cause it is kind of ~*ExCiTinG*~ scaring yourself haha. But then halfway through I haven't looked through my hands for the last 20 minutes, I'm sweating, tears running from my eyes, covering my ears haha. (this literally happened with the new pet cemetary reboot) I was SO SCARED!!

But if you like that feeling you would probably love this! A horror production company created a drive-thru haunted house in Toyko, Japan where Zombies, ghosts, and other creatures will scare you as a really spooky ghost story plays through your speakers in your car! 



spooooky!!! You can also have your car covered in blood to add to the experience, it costs roughly $75 a car and if you don't have a vehicle you can rent one for the experience! BOLD choice on that though, I feel like they would for sure make the rentable cars scarier and have things in them haha.  

So as scary as it would be, it would be pretty fun so my hope is someone in YYC sees this and brings it here! In time for Halloween!!